Pure BHBKeto Review – My Exogenous Ketones Experience And Overview

When I first started keto I had everything ready from electrolytes to my protein, Magnisium and vitamin D supplements, I still didn’t know where to stand when it came to exogenous ketones, I’ve been so long on keto which makes me pretty sure that my body is good at making its own ketones, right? The MLM sellers on facebook and twitter certainly didn’t give a positive impression, I’ve never experienced somehing like ketosis in term of weight loss, but getting sales pitches pushed on my face talking about some kind of magical solution to obesity was nothing but a turn off.

Exogenous ketones have become a popular nutritional supplement since their introduction in 2018. My curiosity was still present but I didn’t give it much thought at the time, Until I noticed this new brand that wasn’t as expensive as the others since it wasn’t part of an MLM program, It was then when I started viewing exogenous ketones in a much more postive way and wanted to give it a chance.

The brand is BHB Keto, it was created to help us increase the ketone (energy) levels in our body and enjoy “a more affordabe and healthier” keto lifestyle. A lot of my readers were asking me about  exogenous ketones, So I started using it for 4 weeks now, And It’s time to share what I learned so far.

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What exactly is BHB Pure?

beta hydroxybutyrate (BHB) is the main ingredient of the product BHB pure, BHB is the ketone responsable for energy and weight loss when we’re in ketosis, Using beta hydroxybutyrate as a supplement helps increase ketones in your blood, It is also known that more ketones in the blood means more energy, A better feeling and mood in general and all the other benefits of the keto lifestyle (Less hunger, Weight loss Booster, Better gut health, etc..)

Using ketones as a supplement is comparable to those energy chews runners take to help them boost their energy, feel motivated and focused. To sum it all up, In keto your body produces ketones which are then used to burn fat for energy, Only this time with no sugar crashes sinces we no longer burn carbs for energy

Will you notice any difference? (The benefits)

The Main Benefits

  • More energy

Even from the first use, I felt immediate response from my body, Felt like I had way more energy than usual, My mood got better and I was motivated. I didn’t feel as tired as I usually do, I also stopped having cravings that would deter me from my goal, It’s fascinating what more energy and a better mood can make you accomplish.

  • Breaking weight loss stalls

This is another thing that I noticed, At the time my weight hit a plateau, I didn’t really mind since I was pretty happy with my weight. About a week after taking the supplement my weight kept going down just like it used to when I first started keto, This is related to the raise of ketone levels in my blood, Which helped burn the fat much faster.

  • Will help avoid Keto-Flu

I noticed a big raise of my ketone levels when I measured it. Because of that raise The supplement is supposed to help ketoers avoid the famous Keto-flu.

  • Natural feeling of energy

This is another thing I love about the supplement, I experienced no racing heartbeat, No sweating, no insomnia. It was a very natural boost that I honestly enjoy.

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The Main Cons

  • A possible stomach upset when starting

There are some people who get an upset stomach just by using MCT oil which this supplement contains a little of it, The same goes for ketones. I personally didn’t experience any upset stomach since they worked on its formula to avoid this issue but there is always a chance that your body can react in the beginning. 

How to use/ When to use?

From the day I put my hands on the supplement, I used it for almost everything, From a preworkout supplement, An energy booster for when I’m feeling weak, I also use it after a cheatmeal just so I can avoid any chance of having keto flu while getting back into ketosis. Now my daily usage has as a goal to keep my energy, Ketones and weight loss levels up. Or when I’m feeling moody or unmotivated to give me that energy push to stay focused.

My Verdict

From my experience the supplment was a good friend to me, Helped me break my weight plateaus, Gave me more energy and comparing it to my other supplements, it tastes amazing! Also If you compare the price with other ketone supplements out there, It was the most affordable which is a big Yes in my book.

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  • Thanks for sharing I got them and have reached my weight goal Finally! Thought I’d never lose the weight. And I have no cravings, more focus, no anxiety, and my skin is cleared up. Ketones for president lol

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